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As a rule, our advice is usually to wait on upgrading your operating system with new releases. This is because Apple sets a ship date and off it goes, even if the internal developers aren’t quite finished. Even as the new OS is being downloaded, Apple is working feverishly on the “.1” bug-fix update—an update that typically ships a couple weeks after launch. Some 6-8 weeks later, we usually see the “.2″ revision to the operating system which patches the first wave of bugs reported by the initial downloaders. And then another. In time, you get a really nice, stable system.

Many people successfully upgrade soon after an operating system is released. For others, however, an operating system upgrade breaks either some function or third-party software that they rely upon, and there’s no way to fix it because the patches aren’t yet available. We believe that it’s better to let someone else test things out while you continue using a well-tested, reliable older version.

When it comes to upgrades, we’re happy to help if you want help, training, or troubleshooting. If you’re in the Sentinel program, there’s even a discount for our time. Just call or email to schedule an appointment.