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As long-time readers know usually it’s the “.3” update to a major operating system that gets to the point of recommending it to everyone. With Sierra, we’re not quite there yet.

We’re still experiencing some unexplained slow-downs and freezes with things from time to time that are making us a bit gun shy. So if you’re on Yosemite (10.10.5) or El Capitan (10.11.6) our advice continues to be to wait.

As we’ve said previously, if you’re on an earlier operating system—anything before Yosemite—you should upgrade to Sierra for security reasons and deal with the inconvenience you might encounter as this thing or that doesn’t work or works slower than it should. Cyberspace is full of bad guys nowadays, and you simply must run a secure operating system on your Mac.

If you’re on a new Mac that has Sierra or if you’ve ignored our advice entirely and upgraded to 10.12 anyway (you wild one, you), we  definitely recommend that you update to 10.12.3. It fixes a lot of problems from the earlier versions.