503-507-0410 [email protected]

Two years ago, MacAtoZ added a reception service so that every call we received during regular business hours was answered by a real person. We believed—and still do—that this was infinitely preferable to putting callers into a “phone tree” where you are forced to listen to a series of automated recordings and to push various buttons to try to get help. (Indeed, is there anything more vexing than being on hold in one of these systems then hearing, “Your call is important to us”? Answer: No.)

The response to our reception service has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve liked it too, with one caveat: Not all our clients’ computer issues happen during regular business hours. As no amount of hoping is likely to change that, we’ve set out to solve the problem.

Effective January 15, 2014 you can call MacAtoZ (503-507-0410) at any hour of the day and talk with one of our receptionists here in Salem, Oregon. You don’t have to think, “It’s too late to call” or “I don’t want to bother anyone so I’ll just call in the morning.” Beginning January 15, call whenever you like—whenever it suits you—and talk with one of our fabulous receptionists.

Since we need our beauty rest, we won’t necessarily be available to chat if you ring at 1 AM, but you can leave your message with reception and we’ll return your call as soon as we’re able (which is to say both vertical and coherent). We hope this expansion of our reception service will allow you to get any Apple help you need even more quickly than before.