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Businesses face technological requirements that can far exceed that of home users. Having a Mac go down for a day is annoying and inconvenient for the latter; it may be incredibly expensive and traumatic for the former. The computers have to keep running or business goes to a halt.

Larger corporations can hire their own IT professional(s), and that makes sense. In an era of profoundly fast technological change, you don’t want to leave the management, upkeep, and security of your computers to someone who is not trained in Information Technology. You wouldn’t go to an unlicensed attorney for legal advice or turn your books over to non-certified accountant. It doesn’t make any more sense to turn your technology over to an administrative assistant or office manager.

The problem for small businesses is that hiring an IT professional starts at around $65,000 a year not including benefits. For a lot of small businesses, that’s overkill and well outside their budget. We have a solution.

By partnering with MacAtoZ, you get exactly the help you need. Trained, Apple certified IT professionals focused on monitoring, maintaining, and securing your Macs so that you and your organization can focus on your areas of expertise. We monitor the health of every Mac 24/7, maintain the Macs through software updates and disk repair as necessary, and secure the Macs by scanning for and quarantining malware.

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