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Business IT

If you are using Macs to run your business, you have chosen a platform that is more secure, more reliable, and easier to use than a PC. That’s a great start! Now you need a company who can help you maintain a secure and stable platform and help you maximize your investment, all at a fixed cost.

MacAtoZ can:

  • Monitor and maintain your machines 24/7 to maximize uptime
  • Maintain the security of your machines, and assist in developing solid security practices
  • Help streamline workflow and administrative tasks
  • Provide inventory and asset tracking
  • Offer purchase recommendations and assist with purchase, installation and data transfer
  • Train your staff 
  • Consult regarding business related technology that will help you grow your business
  • Save you money. Our contracts are scaled to exactly what you need in IT services

Larger corporations can hire their own IT professional(s), and that makes sense. In an era of fast technological change, you don’t want to leave the management, upkeep, and security of your computers to someone who is not trained in Information Technology. You wouldn’t go to an unlicensed attorney for legal advice or turn your books over to a non-certified accountant. It doesn’t make any more sense to turn your technology over to an administrative assistant or office manager. Unfortunately, most small businesses can’t afford the $80,000+ a year for a trained IT professional. That’s where MacAtoZ comes in.

By partnering with MacAtoZ, you get exactly the help you need with a cost that fits your budget. We have a number of managed services solutions for you to choose from, with trained, Apple certified IT professionals focused on monitoring, maintaining, and securing your Macs so that you and your organization can focus on your areas of expertise. For a fraction of the cost of employing your own IT professional, we’ll help you maintain a high level of operations, prevent small annoyances from becoming catastrophes, and provide consultation on your systems based projects to help you mitigate risk and improve performance.  As every business is unique, our service contracts are personalized to meet your specific needs. 

Call MacAtoZ today (503-507-0410) and let us start solving your IT problems today!


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