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Welcome, friends...


We believe residential Apple IT consulting done right means having a relationship with your consultant. If you’re here, it’s because that’s what you’ve had with Gary and his company, In-Home Technology Services. Now that Gary’s retiring, we invite you to consider a relationship with us, and we’d like to explain why….

(If you’d rather skip all the text and just talk with our friendly Client Relations Manager, Abby Carter, please call her at 503-507-0410 or set up a time for a phone call by emailing [email protected].)

There will be differences between the ways in which our company and Gary’s operates—how could there not be?—and we’ll try to explain those and be as transparent as possible as we move forward together. What we have in common, though, is important: Shared values of service, trust, care, and privacy just to name a few.

Change can be hard. We hope to earn your business, of course, but even more than that we hope we’ll have the opportunity to serve you and to build a relationship that endures. We’re confident in our ability to help people with Apple technology.


Why choose MacAtoZ

MacAtoZ helps people with Apple technology. We’re focused on home users who want a long-term guide and protector in the ever-changing world of tech.

 For years, the computer support industry has operated on a “Break-Fix” model: a computer user has a problem, they call a computer consultant, and the consultant comes out and fixes the problem. This is a reactive process, so something that might have been a small problem initially, often ends up as an enormous (and more costly) issue by the time the computer consultant arrives on the scene. We at MacAtoZ do things differently.


Our proactive Sentinel, Sentinel+, and Sentinel Ultra services allow us to identify and solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. For a small monthly cost—how much depends on which service you select—these programs provide monitoring and/or maintenance and security services.

Sentinel tracks your computer’s health and well-being, and spots potential issues before they become full-blown problems. When a potential issue is spotted MacAtoZ techs do a professional assessment of the issue then alert you via email with specific information about what is happening with your computer and what steps are needed to repair the issue at hand.

Sentinel+, the next level of service, not only monitors your Mac, but in many cases automatically resolves the problem(s) detected.

Sentinel Ultra does all this and adds a layer of online security.

Additionally, Sentinel program members get a substantial discount on our hourly rate for both onsite and remote support services.

Importantly, we strongly believe in personal privacy and all Sentinel services monitor only computer health information. We neither see nor collect personal data of any kind.

We want you to be comfortable with whatever Sentinel level of service you select, so all programs come with a 30-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Details are on our web site at www.macatoz.com/sentinel  

Serving residential clients since 2006

Member of the Apple Consultants Network

All technicians Apple-certified

Committed to protecting personal privacy

Focused on long-term relationships

When you’re ready to sign up or if you have more questions,
please call us at 503-507-0410 or set up a time for a phone call by emailing [email protected].