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This warning applies only to those who use Comcast internet services. If you do, you should know that Comcast email servers were reportedly hacked on February 5. Unfortunately, the company has only released a boilerplate response so we don’t know how serious this problem may be. Rather than take chances, we strongly recommend that you immediately change your Comcast password. You can read details about the events here.

To change your Comcast password, go to www.Comcast.net and log into your account. Go to the My Account button in the top right then choose Users & Preferences. Select the User you want to change the password for then under their name click the Change Password link. (If you have more than one Comcast user, you will need to do this for each one.)

After the Comcast password has been changed, you will need to change it in your email software. (If you use a web browser like Safari to read your email, you are finished.)

To change the Comcast password in Apple Mail, launch Mail and go to Preferences > Accounts. Select the Comcast account from the list on the left (if it’s not already selected). Then, in the Incoming Server section, change the password to the new Comcast password you created above.

Finally, in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section, choose “Edit SMTP Server List” from the pull-down menu. Select the Comcast email server from the resulting list and click the Advanced tab. Change the password there to the new Comcast password you created. Close and OK everything, and you’re finished.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require remote (or onsite) support in changing your Comcast password.