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We start with a brief commercial ode to design followed by Apple CEO Tim Cook coming to the stage. The 24th WWDC. Attendees from 66 countries; about 64% are at WWDC for the first time. Six million registered developers; WWDC sold out in 71 seconds.

Updates: 1 million Apple Retail Store visitors. 407 stores worldwide in 14 countries.

App Store 5 years old next month. 50 billion apps downloaded. 900,000 apps in the store. 93% downloaded every month. 375,000 apps for iPad. 575 million accounts (most with credit cards—more than any other store on the Internet). Developers have been paid $10 billion in those 5 years, $5 billion of that in the last year. That’s 3x more than all other platforms combined.

New company, anki, launches an on stage today. Robotics guys from Carnagie Mellon. Anki Drive is the first product. Little cars that run around a track by themselves. Real life video game. Fascinating stuff. (I wonder about the price.)

Mac installed base 72 million, double what it was 5 years ago. iMac is the #1 desktop in US. Mac 5 year average annual growth rate 15% (versus 3% for PC). Five year total growth: 100%. 28 million copies of Mountain Lion (10.8) shipped—35% of users on ML versus 5% on Windows 8.

OS X Mavericks is the next OS X release, first non-cat named release in about a decade. (I was hoping for OS X ‘Grumpy Cat.’) Finder Tabs. Tags for documents locally and on iCloud. Multiple Display support improvements (very nice—almost like running two synchronized computers at once). Timer coalescing and memory compression to provide improvements in power management. New version of Safari. New iCloud Keychain—looks like a 1password competitor. Improvements to Notification; respond within the notification without having to open an app. Calendar: Looks better! Also adds travel time! Maps app for OS X. Directions can be sent to iOS devices! Great! iBooks to the Mac! Yay! Preview copy of 10.9 today for developers. Final release for general public this fall.

New MacBook Air(!) with all-day battery. 40% faster graphics. 11″ MacBook Air battery from 5 hour to 9 hours, 13″ from 7 hours to 12 hours. 802.11ac networking (3x faster). Lower prices (see Apple web site). Ship today!

New airport base stations. Extreme 802.11ac. Beamforming antenna array. Up to 3x faster than 802.11n.

New Mac Pro: Sexy! It’s a cylinder! Crazy specs. 2x faster (at least) than previous Mac Pro. Coming later this year. Assembled in the USA. That is one cool Mac.

iCloud: 300 million iCloud accounts. iTunes in the Cloud (300 million users). Game Center (240 million users). Deeply integrating iCloud into iWork. New iWork for Mac and iOS coming later this year.

iWork for iCloud: Pages, Numbers, Keynote through a web browser. Safari, IE, Chrome. Mac or PC. Developer beta today, public beta later this year.

iOS. 600 million iOS devices sold. iPhone usage 50% greater than Android. iOS with 60% of mobile web share. iPad web market share 82%. 3x-4x more mobile shopping on iOS vs. Android. #1 Smartphone in Customer satisfaction (JD Power). Customer satisfaction = 97%. 73% very satisfied. 93% of iOS users on iOS 6. Android fragmented like crazy. (Not good and not news.)

iOS 7 announced today. And it looks cool! “The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone.” Paralax views! Multiple pages within folders. Notification center from the lock screen. Lots of one-handed gestures. Ten features:

1. Control Center: Swipe up for instant controls. Very nice!

2. Multitasking: For all apps. intelligent scheduling, opportunistic updates, adapts to network conditions, coalesced updates, push triggers. Easier to switch between apps.

3. Safari: New full screen look, smart search field, parental controls, new tabs, iCloud keychain, new 3D tabs view.

4. AirDrop: Share with people right around you with any app that supports it. “No need to wander around the room bumping your phone.” Works on iPhone 5 and later.

5. Camera: Video, photo, square, pano. Live photo filters.

6. Photos app: Adds Moments, Collections, Years. Shared Photostreams (yes!). Video support on iCloud photosharing.

7. Siri: New interface. All new voice, male or female. Last voicemail, increase brightness, turn off bluetooth, twitter integration, wikipedia integration, bing integration. Looking forward to trying this.

8. iOS in the car: iOS integration in 2014 with virtually all car manufacturers.

9. New App Store: Find popular apps by age range or by your current location. Automatic app store updating.

10. Music: New player. Lots of cool features. iTunes Radio built into Music app. Create your own stations. Looks great. Free with ads or Free no ads with iTunes Match subscription.

Other features include: FaceTimes Audio; Activation Lock; Notification sync; wifi hotspot 2.0; Phone, FaceTime, Message blocking, and more.

Activation lock: Must have AppleID to reactive phone even if phone is wiped. Big theft deterrent.

Developer beta today for iPhone. Final iOS 7 this fall.

Works on: iPhone 4 (and later), iPad 2 (and later), iPod 5th generation, iPad mini.