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Question:  Do I ever need to log out of my Mac? How do I log out? 

Answer: macOS is a operating system that accommodates multiple users. Depending on how your Mac is set up, you may be automatically logged into your account and may not realize that the possibility of having more than one account even exists. (You can add or change User accounts in System Preferences > Users & Groups.)

When you log out, you exit your own account and the Mac goes back to the Login Window which shows you all available accounts on the Mac. As part of the Log Out process, the Mac will automatically save any open documents it can and quit any open programs. If there is unsaved work that the Mac can’t automatically save, you will be prompted to save it before the log out process continues.

Our Sentinel+ program requires users to log out so that Login Window maintenance can run.

Here’s how you log out of a Mac: