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Question: I received a notice that I need to update my Backblaze backup software. Is this something I can do myself?

 Backblaze is the offsite backup software that we use and recommend. It’s terrific in a number of ways: It encrypts your data before uploading it, it will back up unlimited data per Mac, and it starts at just $5 a month.

One thing it doesn’t do well (yet) is update itself. For reasons passing understanding, when Backblaze has a new update, you have to go to their web site and re-download the whole program. These are instructions on exactly how to do that.

First go to the Backblaze menu and select “Check For Updates…”






If there’s a backup available, you’ll get a box that looks like this. Obviously, you’ll click the “Download” button





Unbelievably, this does NOT begin a file downloading, but instead takes you to the Backblaze website where you’ll need to click on the link that says Download for Mac OS X. (Note that the version numbers will probably be different than in this example.)





Next, you want to go to your Downloads folder where you can find the “Install_backblaze.dmg”



After you’ve double-clicked the DMG file to open the Backblaze installer, you’ll see two files: Backblaze Installer and Backblaze Uninstaller. There’s no need to run the Uninstaller prior to installing the new version. Just double click Backblaze Installer to start installing the new version.








macOS X is pretty cautious when it comes to running software downloaded from the Internet. You’ll need to click “Open” to approve launching the Backblaze installer.




Finally we come to the part where we can start up the installer. Click the “Install Now” button at the bottom of this screen:







macOS X also requires that you authenticate (enter the User Name and password for an administrative account) on your Mac:





Finally, we’re done: