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We’re still a very strong “Nope” on macOS 10.13 High Sierra. The number of bug reports, security issues, and general problems should give pause to even the most courageous Mac user. This is not atypical of a major macOS release—we don’t usually consider them ready for prime time until the “.3″—but from what we’re hearing High Sierra might be a little rougher around the edges than past operating systems at this stage.

iOS 11—that’s the new operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch—remains something of a mixed bag. As of this writing iOS 11 has an adoption rate of 47%—that’s tens of millions of devices—without reports of catastrophic problems. At the same time, there are issues with battery drain, headphones, software updates, 3D Touch, ringtones, freezing, and so on.

For most people we advise waiting on iOS 11, but if you’re the adventurous sort, iOS 11 offers some really cool features like a new Files app, a new Dock (very Mac-like), an improved software keyboard, additional camera features, a new App Store, improved Messages, a more natural voice for Siri, a greatly enhanced Control Center, and more. Just be aware that if you upgrade to iOS 11, you cannot go back to iOS 10, and there’s definitely a learning curve with some of the features.

watchOS 4 is excellent, and we recommend it.
Unfortunately, it will require that you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11 which, as you’ve just read above, we’re a lot more ambivalent about. Still, if you have an AppleWatch this may be all the push you need to update your iPhone.

tvOS 4 for the AppleTV gets an unreserved thumbs-up.
We’ve had no problems with it at all.